Why is the LED line lamp not to be shining as before after used some time?

Outdoor LED line lamp with the accumulation of time and the erosion of the sun and rain, to a certain period of time will feel that led line light is not as bright as before. This is a professional term in the lighting industry – light failure. The physical phenomenon of light decay for LED lamps is an unavoidable problem, just like life, life and death, lamps and lanterns also have service life.

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In the use of outdoor environment, the daily sunshine, wind and rain is the inevitable factor that causes the brightness of LED line lamp to decline. In addition to this unavoidable condition factor, there are also human factors. Generally, the service life of LED is about 50000 hours. If you use the common people’s thinking to understand, a total of 50000 hours of life. If you light up the light at 6 p.m. every day until 12 o’clock in the morning, only 6 hours are on every day, 365 days a year, 2190 hours a year, it is not possible to use 23 years.
However, this is only the theoretical data in the laboratory. In actual use, the service life of LED line lamp can not be calculated by the mathematical multiplication and division method. Incorrect use will also accelerate the light fading time. What’s more, in the process of installation, the installation personnel often hope to save installation time and installation convenience. When the lamps are powered, they are not installed according to the number of LED line lamps known by the manufacturer. They are often overloaded with the number of lamps in series, resulting in unstable voltage and current of LED line lamps, which seriously damage the life of LED line lamps. According to the market feedback information, the service life of outdoor LED line lights will be mostly 2-3 years, some can reach 56 years, but the longer the time, the lower the brightness of LED line lights.