led lighting company service

We have a sound service procedure to give you a good experience in buying our led lighting products:

  • We will offer you the assistance of sales as following: we must comply with the date of shipping, quality and quantity agreed upon in each purchase order.


  • We will inform you in time of the opportunities of any deals that are generated directly and are originated in the Distribution Territory.
  • We will provide you with the technology support and the necessary training.
  • We can provide you with the necessary economic support to the special business participated by beginning from the second year of agreement.

Quality control

Quality Division – responsible for quality inspection throughout the production process, quality control and product reliability test, establish supplier quality management system, full implementation of quality management, and constantly improve the overall quality of the company and supplier management.Pick embryo plant – responsible for all foreign companies outsourcing parts to the factory co-detection and testing.
This multi-level, comprehensive quality control and quality assurance system to ensure that each of our suppliers can withstand rigorous tests, each of the parts have been carefully selected, each process has undergone a thoroughly tempered, each product all strive to achieve “zero defect”!