What is a small pitch LED screen and what are its advantages compared to a regular display screen

Small pitch LED display screens are usually used in indoor environments, and are combined with ordinary LCD screens DLP splicing and other products have similar properties, both used for large screen display terminals. However, small pitch LED screens have a longer lifespan and better display performance than these two types.
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Strictly speaking, small pitch display screens refer to products P2 and below, but some people define them as P2.5. Of course, this does not affect anything, it’s just a different interpretation. At present, the models of small pitch products in the LED market mainly include: P0.9 Display screens with different spacing points such as P1.2, P1.25, P1.47, P1.5, P1.56, P1.667, 1.8, p1.875, P1.9, P2.5mm, etc.
Advantages and characteristics of small pitch LED screens:
1. Better color expression on the screen
Small pitch LED display screens, due to the use of pixel level point control technology, have a high degree of uniformity in the color display of the display unit. Therefore, they can make the color expression of the screen more superior, with a high degree of color reproduction, and can basically restore the colors recognized by the human eye. The high realism and strong depth of field make participants in video conferences empathize with each other, achieving the best video conference effect.
2. Low brightness and high gray
Micro pitch LED display screens not only have a high brightness of 1200cd/and a high grayscale of up to 16bit, but more importantly, the product also has the characteristics of low brightness and high grayscale, ensuring minimal grayscale loss while reducing brightness; When the brightness is adjusted to 700cd/, the grayscale level is 16bit, and when the brightness is adjusted to 240cd/, the grayscale level is 13bit; The low brightness and high gray characteristics enable micro pitch LED displays to always present any image perfectly and meticulously in any situation.
Small pitch LED display screen
3. Ultimate display effect, high-definition, delicate, vivid and natural
Small pitch LED electronic screen products have a wider color gamut space and faster response speed than standard LED large screens. The product achieves seamless segmentation and modular maintenance. During normal playback, there are no abnormal conditions such as stains or bright lines. The colors are uniform and high-definition, and the screen switches smoothly without flickering. The display effect is very delicate, which can greatly expand the brightness range of the display, bring richer colors and more vivid and natural details, making the picture closer to what the naked eye can see.
4. Soft lighting, less prone to visual fatigue
The refresh rate of the small pitch LED display screen is not less than 3840Hz, and the captured image is stable, without ripples or black screens. It can effectively solve the tailing and blurring during rapid image movement, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the video image delicate and smooth, and not easily fatigued when viewed for a long time; By combining anti gamma correction technology and point by point brightness correction technology, the dynamic screen display is more realistic, natural, uniform, and consistent, minimizing the harm of the conference display system to the human eye and achieving the best conference effect.
5. Nanosecond response, enjoy smooth and clear graphics
The small pitch LED electronic screen has high refresh rate, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no ghosting, low power consumption, high accuracy, no reflection indoors, and a display contrast of up to 5000:1. The display response is extremely fast, avoiding the delay of screen switching and movement. It can clearly capture every moment of action, making the dynamic video picture smoother and smoother.
6. Seamless display
The point by point correction system adopted by the small spacing series LED display screen will control each pixel in each display unit board independently, including the control of its brightness and color, to obtain unprecedented uniformity, achieve the same luminous characteristics of thousands of LEDs, make the large screen display seamlessly, maximize the true playback content, and avoid the deformation and blurring problem caused by the enlargement or reduction of the screen. The small spacing screen is perfectly smooth, completely seamless, and presents colors naturally.