How to maintain the stable operation of transparent display screens?

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With the development of technology, transparent display screens have been widely used in various fields, some of which are also used to play commercial advertisements and event rentals, in order to ensure the smooth operation of advertisements and the smooth progress of performances and other activities. It is also necessary for us to maintain a […]

Is glass LED transparent screens in the market truly fully transparent?

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Over the years, the application of LED transparent screens in the field of stage design has become increasingly widespread. From TV program stages to various concerts, and then to the 2023 New Year’s Eve concert, glass LED transparent screens have been fully utilized by modern designers due to their characteristics of transparency, unobstructed, and flexible […]

How to choose an outdoor full-color LED transparent display screen?

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Full color LED transparent display screens have become an indispensable part of outdoor advertising carriers, widely used in advertising, traffic information promotion, cultural dissemination, and so on. Especially in commercial centers and densely populated areas of cities, outdoor full-color LED transparent displays are ubiquitous. The application of LED transparent displays outdoors requires different trade-offs based […]

The four important parameters of LED display screen

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Correctly guiding users to understand the performance indicators of LED display screens and standardizing the entire LED display screen market is precisely because of the continuous technological innovation of these enterprises that LED display screens have developed rapidly. So, what are the important parameters of LED display screens this year? Here we will explain the […]

Installation technology for LED transparent display screens

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With the popularization of LED displays, various large led screens can be seen everywhere. There are outdoor, indoor, alien, and imitation products, which are dazzling and should not be accepted. As we all know, there are many installation methods for LED display screens, including roof mounted, pillar mounted, wall mounted, and embedded, etc. However, installing […]

Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of LED display screens

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So what are the maintenance and testing methods for LED display screens, and how should users carry out maintenance work during the use of LED screens? 01. Resistance detection method For the resistance detection method of the display screen, we need to adjust the multimeter to the resistance range. First, check the resistance value of […]

how to choose an LED display screen model based on viewing distance?

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if we want to make LED screens, which model should we use? What is the best viewing distance for a large LED screen? How to choose? First of all, let me explain to everyone that the LED large screen we are talking about now is a full-color LED display screen, and monochrome and dual color […]

What are the advantages of transparent LED displays? 

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When it comes to transparent LED display screens, it is necessary to mention their effects, which are more convenient to disassemble, have better display effects, and have a wider perspective. If you want to have a practical understanding, you still need to consult LED display screen manufacturers and find professionals to learn the most detailed […]

Acceptance criteria for LED transparent display screens

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LED display screens are one of the common large screens we use. As the most promising display product in the future, LED screens have shown many functions and effects in just a few years since 2008. Nowadays, whether outdoors or indoors, LED displays have been recognized by people. As a customer, how should we establish […]

A tutorial on the standardized use of LED transparent display screens

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In recent years, the development of LED transparent displays has been getting better and better both domestically and internationally, and service and after-sales have also been unprecedentedly improved. Good LED transparent display products, such as LED film screens, LED glass screens, and LED transparent screens, have gradually become mainstream products and have been widely used […]