Led transparent screen guide: Quickly understand what an LED transparent screen is?

LED transparent screen, also known as transparent LED display screen, as the name suggests, “transparency” is its biggest feature. Unlike traditional screens, it has significant features such as high transparency and ultra-thin weight. The objective performance factors of traditional screens, such as lack of light and air transmission, have caused many problems such as excessive screen weight and poor heat dissipation.
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Is the LED transparent screen truly fully transparent?
Is the LED transparent screen completely transparent? In fact, transparent LED display screens mainly improve transparency through some technologies, making the screen body closer to transparency. It looks like a louver, consisting of a set of linear LED lights. In the design, it greatly reduces the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight, with a maximum transparency rate of 90%, making it currently the display device with the highest clarity and best perspective effect.
The characteristics of LED transparent screen
LED transparent screen products include LED film screens LED strip screen LED grille screen Transparent display products such as LED display screens. Its biggest feature is high light transmittance, good skill effect, good heat dissipation, lightweight and easy to maintain. At present, glass LED transparent display screens are highly sought after in the market, which not only possess the above characteristics, but also have particularly prominent characteristics in terms of transmittance, The LED transparent screen can naturally attach to the glass and hang on the glass keel, making it its best companion. When the screen is not lit, it almost does not affect the overall appearance design and building transparency and lighting; After lighting up, the glass turns into an LED screen, which can play graphics and videos, and the colors are brilliant, the picture is realistic, and it comes with a light 3D effect. The combination of high technology and artistry has made LED transparent screens highly favored.
The advantages of LED transparent screens
The advantage of LED transparent screens lies in truly achieving flexible applications! It is composed of individual box panels, with the characteristic of “small module and large display”. Small modules have advantages such as flexible combination, seamless, and easy maintenance, while large displays have performance such as large size, high brightness, high color reproduction and saturation, high contrast, long lifespan, and low energy consumption.
The price of LED transparent screens
Compared to traditional display screens, transparent screens are currently more expensive. The main factors that usually affect prices include model specifications, transparent screen beads, and other materials. LED transparent screens are widely used in business, with common examples being window display cabinets and stage decorations in commercial centers. The most commonly used one also belongs to the display window decorative cabinet. The price of display window LED transparent screens is relatively expensive, but the effect is also relatively good. At present, the market price is approximately 6000-12000 yuan/square meter, and the price can only be determined based on the model, The smaller the P, the better, and the more expensive the price. This is only the area of the screen, and other accessories are not included.