How to choose an outdoor full-color LED transparent display screen?

Full color LED transparent display screens have become an indispensable part of outdoor advertising carriers, widely used in advertising, traffic information promotion, cultural dissemination, and so on. Especially in commercial centers and densely populated areas of cities, outdoor full-color LED transparent displays are ubiquitous. The application of LED transparent displays outdoors requires different trade-offs based on the needs of each project, such as pixel, resolution, price, playback content, display lifespan, and front or rear maintenance choices. How can I choose an outdoor full-color LED transparent display screen product that satisfies me? Here are my suggestions for everyone:

outdoor led displays

1. Model selection
Outdoor LED transparent display screens are composed of many individual modules spliced together, and their pixel spacing is generally relatively large. The commonly used specifications include P6.67, P8, P10, P16, etc. Compared to small pitch LED transparent displays, the advantage of large pitch is low cost. The cost per square meter of large pitch LED transparent displays is much lower than that of small pitch LED transparent displays. Outdoor large screens generally have a longer viewing distance, such as 8m, 10m, etc. From a longer distance, there is no “grainy” feeling when viewing the picture on the large screen, and the image quality is clear.
2. High definition display effect
As the main carrier of video advertising dissemination, outdoor full-color LED displays require high-definition display effects. This includes high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, etc. High resolution ensures that high-quality advertising images can be presented well; Moreover, outdoor LED transparent display screens are generally installed in relatively high places, with large screens and viewing angles. Generally, when watching videos from a horizontal angle of 140 degrees, the image is still clear and visible, which allows the display content of LED large screens to cover a wider range and reach a wider audience.

3. Wide viewing angle and wide viewing area
The main task of outdoor full-color LED transparent display screens is still to do advertising and image promotion. Therefore, the primary goal of outdoor full-color LED transparent display screens is to allow more audiences to see the picture. It adopts a large perspective design and covers the viewing angle to the maximum extent. Meanwhile, in order to ensure long-distance visibility in strong light conditions, ultra-high brightness light-emitting diodes must be selected.
4. The screen brightness can be automatically adjusted
Large screen LED transparent display screens installed outdoors will be affected by outdoor weather conditions. For example, the outdoor brightness on sunny and rainy days is different, and if the brightness of the display screen cannot be automatically adjusted, the effect will be different under different sky colors, and even greatly discounted. In order not to affect the viewing effect of the target audience, outdoor LED transparent large displays will have an automatic brightness adjustment function, which means that the screen brightness of the display screen will be automatically adjusted according to the outdoor weather conditions to achieve the best display effect.