Lighting lamp manufacturers share LED high power wall washing lamp how to do waterproof work?

Led high-power wall washing lamp should be how to do a good job in waterproof, only do a good job in waterproof, led high-power wall washing lamp can play its good effect and service life. Next,  explain the steps and methods for the production and installation of LED wall lampoutdoor facade building decorative lighting (1)

1. First of all, solder the solder bead to the aluminum substrate.
2. The high-power wall washing lamp with drive will drive and pour glue to ensure that the drive is 100% waterproof.
2. Then try to light the welded board to see if there is false soldering or no light. Through the initial aging, it can ensure that the drive and lamp bead of LED wall lamp are in good condition.
3. After the trial lighting is finished, heat dissipation silica gel is applied on the back of the aluminum substrate, and the plate is put into the shell. The thermal conductivity silica gel is used to distribute the heat of the lamp bead to the lamp body, so as to avoid the lamp bead light fading.
4. The power supply is welded at the positive and negative poles of the aluminum substrate, and then the two ends are bound with adhesive tape for gluing.
5. After the glue is dry, cover the glass again. The structural waterproof wall washing lamp does not need to apply glass glue. It is not structural waterproof. It needs to be well applied with glass glue.
6. After the glass is covered, plug the head.
7. All the above steps have been done. Aging test should be carried out for 24 hours and packaging is to be made.