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Why is the LED line lamp not to be shining as before after used some time?

high quality building facade lighting outdoor ip66 54w 108w rgbw led wall washer light (3)

Outdoor LED line lamp with the accumulation of time and the erosion of the sun and rain, to a certain period of time will feel that led line light is not as bright as before. This is a professional term in the lighting industry – light failure. The physical phenomenon of light decay for LED […]

How much is LED linear light on the outside wall of the community?

ip65 waterproof 50mm with code rgb smd 5050 led pixel light led point light source (5)

Recently, many customers who need outdoor LED line lamp are consulting. How much is the lighting LED line lamp on the outer wall of the community? In fact, we are in the choice of real estate lighting line lights. The appearance of different materials and the prices of manufacturers are different. If we want to […]