How much is LED linear light on the outside wall of the community?

Recently, many customers who need outdoor LED line lamp are consulting. How much is the lighting LED line lamp on the outer wall of the community? In fact, we are in the choice of real estate lighting line lights. The appearance of different materials and the prices of manufacturers are different. If we want to say which brand is good, I think it depends on the needs of customers. The standards for selecting lamps and lanterns according to different requirements are different.
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1、 There are a lot of LED line lamp brands. The price of conventional high-end brands is relatively high. Generally, LED line lights go to about 100 yuan, while our Guangchen line lights are generally around 50-70 yuan.
2、 The factors that determine the price of LED line lamp lie in its shell and light source material. Different customer needs, material selection is not the same, the price is not the same. For example, the municipal lighting project needs DMX512 line lamp. The standard he chooses is different. The material must be good, and the service should also keep up with it. The price of natural purchase is also much higher.
3、 There are a lot of LED line lamp manufacturers, the conventional grade is divided into high, medium and low. High end generally refers to the first-line brands. They aim at municipal lighting projects. Generally, the cost of such projects is relatively high, many of which are tens of millions of dollars. The middle end aims at the conventional lighting projects, such as building lighting, residential lighting and bridge lighting. These projects generally cost hundreds of thousands to one million. The general supply of low-end is some small signboard advertising, the quality requirements are not so high. Some even only need to light up for a few months. The main price depends on your project needs.
4、 The price of non-standard customized LED line lamp will be different from that of conventional products. Because the non-standard custom-made outer shell and inner circuit board are all made from new mold and drawing board, if the quantity is small, the price and cost will be relatively high. Especially with the general plastic mold shell, this kind of mold opening price is relatively high.