Installation technology for LED transparent display screens

With the popularization of LED displays, various large led screens can be seen everywhere. There are outdoor, indoor, alien, and imitation products, which are dazzling and should not be accepted. As we all know, there are many installation methods for LED display screens, including roof mounted, pillar mounted, wall mounted, and embedded, etc. However, installing LED display screens is not as simple as installing air conditioning or other advertising carriers. Due to its unique nature, coupled with the heat dissipation of the product, it is also easy to maintain and debug, and even directly affects the service life of LED display screens

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Technical points for installing LED display screens
1. Preliminary survey
Preliminary exploration is quite important, and the screen body should be designed according to the on-site construction situation. The reasonable combination of the installation site and the screen body is the first step in the installation process of LED display screens.
2. Screen installation
For the installation of LED display screens, customers may have knowledge about steel structure construction, but generally do not have much knowledge about the wiring and splicing of LED display screens. Therefore, it is necessary to have professional engineers to guide and require the participation of the final screen operator from the other party to gain a better understanding of the screen.
3. Steel frame design
Steel frame design is generally carried out within 3-5 days after signing the contract. The LED electronic display screen installation engineer will design the steel frame structure and hand it over to the construction party based on the on-site situation and the actual situation of the LED display screen. After receiving the drawings, the construction party will purchase relevant materials according to the drawings and plan the production of the steel structure.
4. Technical training
Technical training for LED display screens: During the screen production process, customers can send personnel to LED display screen manufacturers to learn LED display screen operation and simple spare parts replacement techniques.
5. Distribution system
The calculation of screen power and distribution facilities requires preliminary planning of the power consumption of the screen and the size of the distribution cabinet to be configured in the early stage of installation. The manufacturer of LED display screens calculates the actual power consumption based on the actual situation of the screen and provides cooperation to the construction party.
1. The most important thing during installation is to strictly follow the technical requirements such as design drawings. When laying cables, constructing foundation civil engineering, and constructing steel structure frames, professional technical personnel will provide corresponding drawings and pass the review of relevant departments. The specifications and quantities of materials must be selected according to the requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of the display screen.
2. Before construction, it is necessary to pull up isolation belts, protective nets, safety warning signs, etc., prepare safety protection equipment, and ensure safety production from a consciousness and equipment perspective. Handle the product with care during transportation, take anti-static measures to ensure that the product is not damaged due to external factors.
3. When assembling the box, use lifting facilities to lift the box to the steel frame, fix it row by row according to the box number, adjust and tighten it, and then proceed to the previous row of box placement. Then adjust the box to ensure that the flatness of the LED display screen is less than 1mm, and tighten it after adjustment. After the installation of the screen is completed, proceed with the installation of other equipment, such as lighting fixtures, distribution boxes, etc.
4. Strictly control the timely completion of each operation according to the construction schedule. After installation, the engineering and technical personnel will conduct self inspections on the safety and appearance quality of the system’s power distribution, system connection, structural safety, insulation, grounding, flatness, etc. Then, the owner and supervisor will be invited for re inspection. After final confirmation by the project leader, the entire system will be powered on and debugged on site. After the installation of LED display screens is completed, attention should be paid to cleaning the site, restoring the environment, achieving civilized construction, and completely eliminating hidden dangers.