Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of LED display screens

So what are the maintenance and testing methods for LED display screens, and how should users carry out maintenance work during the use of LED screens?

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01. Resistance detection method
For the resistance detection method of the display screen, we need to adjust the multimeter to the resistance range. First, check the resistance value of a point on a normal circuit board to ground, and then check the same point on another identical circuit board for testing. Is there a difference in the normal resistance? If there is a difference, you will know the range of the display problem, otherwise it will be ignored.

02. Voltage detection method
The voltage detection of the display screen is to adjust the multimeter to a voltage range to detect the voltage of a suspicious circuit point to ground. Compared to the previous one, this is a normal phenomenon, so it is easy to identify the problem.

03. Screen short circuit detection method
The short circuit detection method is to adjust the multimeter to the short circuit detection block to detect the presence of a short circuit. If a short circuit is found, it should be resolved immediately. Short circuit of the display screen is also the most common LED display module fault. Besides! When conducting short circuit detection, it should be done with the power off to avoid damaging the multimeter.

04. Pressure drop detection method
The voltage drop detection method for LED display screens is to adjust the multimeter to the diode voltage for downshift detection, because all ICs of the display are composed of many unit components. Therefore, when there is current flowing through one of its pins, there will be a voltage drop on one pin. Usually, the voltage drop on the pins of the same type of IC is similar.

We can keep in mind the four maintenance methods for LED display screens mentioned above, and conduct periodic inspections to avoid damaging the display screen. This plays a crucial role in extending the service life of the display screen. At the same time, it can also extend the usage time of LED display screens and save unnecessary budget expenses