how to choose an LED display screen model based on viewing distance?

if we want to make LED screens, which model should we use? What is the best viewing distance for a large LED screen? How to choose? First of all, let me explain to everyone that the LED large screen we are talking about now is a full-color LED display screen, and monochrome and dual color screens are rarely used. Let’s not talk about it anymore.

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The LED large screen is made up of seamlessly spliced modules, which are composed of densely packed light beads. The spacing between the beads varies depending on the model, and the price varies. When it comes to the viewing distance of LED large screens, let’s first talk about the model of LED large screens. LED large screens are generally represented by the letter “P”+”number”, such as the LED large screen p2/p3/10, etc. Here, “p” refers to the center distance between two LED beads, such as p2, where the distance between two LED beads is 2 millimeters, p3 is 3 millimeters, and similarly, p10 is 10 millimeters. The smaller the distance between the lights, the clearer and more expensive the price.

We have learned about the distance between LED screens, so it is easy to determine the viewing distance. The number behind the LED screen is not only the distance between the LED beads, but also the viewing distance. For example, if the distance between P2 lights is 2 millimeters, it is better to have a viewing distance of more than 2 meters. If it is less than 2 meters, the effect is not good. Similarly, if the viewing distance of P3 LED screens is more than 3 meters, it is better! Are you clear about the viewing distance of LED screens now? So once we know what model to use, everything will be fine? Not really!

We know that LED screens are a big project with high technical requirements, complex construction, and long service cycles. This requires requirements for the manufacturer, product quality, construction, and after-sales maintenance of LED screens. If we simply compare prices, we will largely regret it. After all, you get what you pay for, and quality is directly proportional to price and service. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices to brew bitter fruits! The viewing distance of a LED large screen is easy for us to understand, but it is not easy to install a good LED large screen. This process requires you to select a strong and powerful manufacturer, high-quality products, and comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that we can use it with peace of mind! If you have any further questions, please feel free to consult us.