What are the advantages of transparent LED displays? 

When it comes to transparent LED display screens, it is necessary to mention their effects, which are more convenient to disassemble, have better display effects, and have a wider perspective. If you want to have a practical understanding, you still need to consult LED display screen manufacturers and find professionals to learn the most detailed information. Today, I will talk to you about LED transparent screens and share some examples of LED transparent screens!

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Transparent LED display screen is a new type of display screen, with a transparent LED in the front instead of glass and products inside. This transparent display attracts customers by creating a sharp contrast between the displayed product and the background of its digital content.
70% -95% transparency, the screen has been made into a super transparent LED screen. The panel thickness is only 10mm, so the LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass and perfectly integrated with the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass, and it has little effect on the spotting transparency of the glass curtain wall. This is also easy to install and maintain. With these advantages, ultra transparent LED screens are very suitable for the field of architectural media.
This design greatly reduces the obstruction of structural units and greatly increases the transparency of glass walls. When the audience stands in the position of the concept, the ultra transparent LED screen can produce a special display effect – making the audience appear to be floating on a glass wall. If you display advertisements on a super transparent LED screen, you can get rid of unnecessary background colors and the colors that do not light up when playing on the super transparent LED screen become darker, as if they are disappearing, so the screen only displays the desired content. This playback method can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption, which is more than 30% lower than ordinary LED screens.
What are the advantages of LED transparent screens? LED display screen manufacturer explanation
Higher transparency: Side emitting LEDs generally have higher transparency than positive emitting LEDs. The transparent LED display screen model P7.8 has a side light transmittance of 76%, while the same type of positive light transmittance is only about 60%.
2. Better effect presentation: Due to the obstruction of the brackets on both sides of the LED beads, the brightness of the positive emitting transparent screen decreases from the optimal position in the middle along both sides. The low brightness makes it impossible for the audience on both sides of the stage to see the images on the screen clearly. The side illuminated full-color LED transparent screen is not obstructed by brackets, and the brightness increases from the front of the screen along both sides. The front and upper left and right sides are the best viewing surfaces, making the overall presentation effect of the stage better.
3. Wider viewing angle: Positive emitting LED is the standard LED bead for conventional LED display screens, which can ensure a viewing angle of 140 °; The side emitting LED is installed on the upper or lower side of the light strip, and the viewing angle can reach 160 °, providing a wider viewing angle, allowing the audience on both sides of the stage to enjoy the ultimate stage visual feast.
4. More convenient maintenance and disassembly: Due to the design structure of the light strip, a single light strip can be quickly disassembled. Local dead or damaged lights only need to be replaced with the corresponding light strip. However, conventional LED transparent screens, due to the integration of the entire PVC face shield and design structure, require disassembly and maintenance of the entire box body in case of partial replacement, which is quite troublesome.
Transparent LED glass screen, also known as LED screen, LED glass curtain wall screen, LED display screen, is a new product developed based on traditional LED display screens, composed of article light components. As a new type of advertising media, it is widely used in industries such as glass curtain walls and shop windows. High transparency, good heat dissipation performance, and lightweight. Becoming a highlight of modern urban multimedia advertising media in China. LED glass curtains are widely used in various commercial places, especially in high-end places such as shopping malls, airports, specialty stores, exhibitions, highways, etc.