Wiring method of LED line lamp for outside building lighting

in the outdoor engineering construction of LED line lamp, how to connect the power supply when the LED lamp is electrified? Then the following  reveals the wiring method of LED line lamp for you. Bottom outlet line lamp
1、 The side outlet of the two terminal wiring method of LED line lamp is as follows:

Choose one side of the aluminum material at both ends of the line lamp to punch an outlet hole which is about the size of the wire diameter. The waterproof connection line is connected with the circuit board from this hole position, and the wire is threaded from the aluminum side. The advantages of installing it are that it can achieve seamless butt joint, lighting effect without dark area and convenient installation. However, this installation method is not very convenient for hiding power line and signal line, and the line can only be used Exposed outside, small buildings will see lines close to each other, which is not so beautiful for the whole building.
2、 The plug outlet of LED line connection method is as follows:
The plug outlet is to open an outlet hole in the middle of the plug pieces at both ends of the LED line lamp. The outdoor waterproof line lamp installed with a very blocked outlet is different from the hidden line at the bottom and the side outlet. There will be a gap of about 1cm between the lamp and the lamp during butt installation. In the practical application of lighting engineering, the spacing of 1cm will not have a great impact on the overall lighting effect, because the beam is scattered Fill in the missing light by yourself. The plug outlet can not be connected seamlessly, and the aesthetics is slightly inferior to that of the bottom outlet. It can be used in all kinds of building’s dark groove and glass curtain wall, and has the advantage of convenient installation.
3、 The aluminum bottom outlet of LED line lamp is as follows:
The bottom outlet is to wash a gap at both ends of the aluminum profile of the line lamp. With the thread head with tail clamp, the tail clip is shrunk to the aluminum gap, and the plug piece is screwed. In addition to seamless connection, the bottom outlet LED line lamp can also hide the pair wiring and power line to the bottom of the lamp, because the shell of the bottom outlet line lamp is H-shaped appearance. It is more convenient to hide the line below, and the installation of the bottom outlet is more beautiful for the building. This kind of lamp is more suitable for customers to choose from the bottom
In general, how do we calculate the distance between the LED line lamp and the wiring line? Guangchen lighting reminds you that in fact, the calculation of the outgoing line distance of the LED line lamp is very simple.
1. If the installation distance between the two line lamps is installed side by side without interval, then the length of the outgoing line distance is calculated as the length of the male and female joints that can be connected during butt installation.
2. If the installation distance of line lamp has interval, it is necessary to measure the installation distance between two line lamps. The LED line lamp manufacturer will customize the length of wiring according to the user’s requirements