What should be done for the daily maintenance of outdoor LED wall lamp?

With the development trend of lighting engineering, the traditional lighting source has been unable to satisfy people’s demand for lighting. Nowadays, led wall washing lamp is more and more loved by urban lighting. Besides the design scheme of lamps, it meets the requirements of lighting effect, and the light display after actual installation is also loved by everyone. However, in the process of site use, led wall lamp also needs to do a good job in daily maintenance. Because this affects its service life. What do we need to do for routine maintenance?. 18W wall wash lamp effect

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Maintenance of outdoor LED wall lamp
1. Step one is to turn off the switching power supply of high-power LED wall washing lamp. This is a necessary step for lighting maintenance. This can ensure that the whole process of maintenance is safe and will not conduct electricity. And it is not easy to cause damage to the power circuit of lamps and lanterns. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the power. Then in the case of cleaning, be sure to use dry towel to carry out scrubbing. The towel stained with water will cause certain damage to the lamp. For example, water drops leak into the interior of the lamp. If the lamp itself is powered by high voltage, the water droplets inside may conduct electricity after being electrified.
2. In step 2, special attention should be paid to the fact that compounds, such as detergents, can not be used to scrub the surface of high-power LED wall washing lamps because of their physical properties. Moreover, if they leak into the lamps, they may react with the glue inside. Cause a chemical reaction.
3. In step 3, regularly check whether the screw of the lamp mounting bracket is loose and whether the waterproof adhesive tape of the wall washing lamp connecting with the power supply has fallen off. If it falls off after a long time, it can be wrapped in a few circles again. Brand manufacturer of wall washing lamp
Led wall lamp manufacturers explain that the maintenance work involves all aspects, and appropriate solutions to some key points can make the maintenance work more effective. And the service life of lamps and lanterns will be lengthened.