How to select led wall lamp correctly and quickly in lighting engineering

Led wall washing lamp is a common lamp in night scene lighting. It mainly lights the wall and belongs to surface light source. So how to choose the appropriate led wall washing lamp according to the demand of lighting engineering project? It is suggested to select the appropriate lamp from the following four aspects. Led small power 15W wall washing lamp
1. Choose a regular led wall lamp manufacturer18w-24w-36w-programable-rgb-led-wall-washer-outdoor-3
Regular and powerful manufacturers are the guarantee of quality and the support of technical services. Therefore, in the process of rotating LED wall lamp, regular manufacturers should be selected.
2. According to the irradiation height to choose the appropriate wattage led wall lamp
The illumination height of LED wall washing lamp is directly related to the lamp power and luminous angle. The higher the power, the higher the brightness and the higher the irradiation height. At the same power, the smaller the beam angle, the higher the irradiation height. The commonly used LED wall washing lamp is 30 ° light-emitting angle. It is recommended to use 18W led wall washing lamp for lighting 1-3m, 24W for lighting 3-4m and 36W for 4-5m. Of course, this is not a standard, because there are many factors affecting the lighting height. Try to let the manufacturer provide you with a lighting scheme and match the appropriate lamps according to the lighting scheme.
3. According to the design effect picture to choose the color of LED wall lamp
Led wall lights, commonly used are monochrome and DMX512 external control, there is rarely used RGB internal control. Monochromatic constant bright wall lamp, lamps and lanterns have been on a color, no change. Dxm512 led wall washing lamp, lamp color can be changed, through programming to achieve a variety of effects.
4. According to the light absorption degree of the wall, the power of LED wall washing lamp is selected
Some dark walls or uneven walls are more light absorbing, such as polishing 3 meters. The power of the selected led wall washing lamp is larger than the conventional wattage. According to the light absorption situation, the wall washing lamp of 24W or 36W may be selected. In this case, it is necessary to conduct on-site test lamp to determine how high-power LED wall washing lamp is selected.