purchasing 2300-2400k line lamp color for exterior wall lighting project

There are many kinds of LED line lamp colors. The conventional colors are white 6000K, warm white 3000K, warm yellow 2500K, golden yellow 2000K and full-color RGB line lights. However, customers often ask about the color temperature of 2300-2400k line lights. I believe that when you look at the color temperature, you will feel warm yellow, golden yellow, or lemon yellow. So what factors determine the color in our definition? Line lamp color differenceDMX controlled IP66 best price led projectors 18w 24w 36w programable rgb led wall washer outdoor (3)

In fact, this color temperature segment can be said to belong to any of the three colors above. The color formed by this color temperature depends on the proportion of phosphor configuration added inside when the light source manufacturer makes the beads. This will affect the coordinates of color parameters. When we want to make k2400 phosphor lines, we need to configure them according to the manufacturer’s color ratio. We must ask the customer what kind of light color they want to present, and try our best to let the customer provide the color plate or reference sample. Our manufacturer uses the light color integrating sphere to test the parameter data, and then customize the light source color required by customers.

In addition, the color difference of each light source manufacturer with the same color temperature on the market? Why? Because when they produce light source, the proportion of phosphor in each light source manufacturer is different, so some of them are white or yellow. This is normal. Before we purchase LED outdoor lighting project, we will have professional technical engineers docking technical data to configure the lighting color of lamps We will communicate with customers about the color requirements of non customized light source. Seamless joint outdoor waterproof line lamp
Through the above introduction of the color temperature and light color of the lamp beads, we encounter such problems in the project, and it will be very convenient to communicate