Manufacturers tell you three skills of choosing led wall lamp

Led wall lamp is more and more widely used in outdoor city lighting. However, many customers don’t know how to choose the right lamp when they buy it. The purchase of LED wall lamp can start from three skills, the following light Chen Xiaobian together to understand. Led OSRAM wall lamphigh quality tempered glass ip65 rgb lighting dmx512 36w led wall washer light (1)
1、 Waterproof grade of LED wall washing lamp
Led wall lamp is basically used in the outdoor, so the waterproof level has requirements when purchasing. This is also a key element in the selection of LED wall lights. In the selection time must consult clearly, the general waterproof level must be at least IP65 or above. Lamp manufacturers are required to ensure that lamps and lanterns can withstand long-term use in harsh outdoor conditions.
2、 Led wall washing lamp control mode
There are three conventional control methods of LED wall washing lamp, which are monochromatic, internal control and external control. Internal control and monochrome are the same, do not need to connect to the controller, it can be directly powered on. Internal control procedures cannot be changed. External control needs controller, the effect can be written according to customer requirements. Its pattern animation is more. Many large projects are using DMX512 external control wall washing lamp to do. It can realize the synchronization effect of multiple buildings.
3、 Led wall lamp light source chip
There are generally two kinds of light sources for LED wall washing lamps: high-power quasi lumen lamp beads, single 1-3W, and there are generally three kinds of chips, namely Taiwan crystal, Guanghong chip and prey chip. This kind of imitative lumen lamp bead is used more in the past, and the other is OSRAM 3030 chip lamp bead. Now it is basically used. This chip is foreign and has good stability. It is mainly welded with the lamp board by machine, unlike the artificial welding. The bottom of the 3030 chip lamp bead contacts with the pad more, the heat dissipation is better, and the false welding is basic It won’t happen. There is also a point that the placement of the machine, faster than manual. Quality stability has been improved. Production has also accelerated. The conventional specifications of 3030 OSRAM wall washing lamp are 12W, 15W, 24W, 36W, 48W and 72W. There are many varieties and styles. Now many large government projects require the chip to be OSRAM brand!