What are the common materials of LED wall lamp lens

In order to produce better luminous effect, the selection of optical lens is very important for the production of high-power wall washing lamp. Do you know what kind of optical lens is used for high-power wall washing lamp on the market?
We know that led optical lens is generally divided into “primary lens” and “secondary lens”. The “lens” often used by outdoor lighting factory refers to the “secondary lens” connected with the light source. And the meaning of the primary lens actually refers to the light source itself. We will focus on the following: “secondary lens” for short: “lens”.
Common lens materials are as follows:
(1) Silicone lens: small size silicone lens has high heat resistance and reflow soldering, so it is commonly used in LED packaging industry.
(2) PMMA lens: PMMA lens is the commonly used lens of high-power wall washing lamp, also known as “acrylic optical lens” by the industry. Its main feature is that the light transmission performance can reach more than 90%, and the temperature resistance performance is slightly weaker than that of silica gel lens, and the working temperature cannot exceed 80 ℃.
(3) PC lens: the light transmission performance of PC lens, which is also an optical lens, is slightly lower than that of PMMA lens by about 10%, but its thermal change temperature is more than 45% higher than that of PMMA lens.
(4) Glass lens: glass lens can be said to be one of the most expensive among the above-mentioned lenses, because the equipment for producing this kind of lens is quite expensive. Although the light transmission performance can reach more than 97%, we all know that the glass material is fragile. Therefore, glass lens is rarely used as the optical lens for lighting lamps.
This is a general choice of wall lamp lens material, after knowing, you can choose your own wall lamp according to your needs.