From these aspects, we can judge the quality of LED outdoor lamp manufacturers

When LED outdoor light products pursue low price too much, they will give up the quality and performance of the products, making people mistakenly feel that they spend a small amount of money to experience led lighting with the same effect. In fact, the low quality brought by low price is very dangerous. LED line lamp factory teaches you some tips for quickly judging the quality of LED outdoor lightsoutdoor facade building decorative lighting (4)
1. From the choice of brand. We should choose the registered enterprise products with brand or trademark “R”. The appearance of LED lamp is beautiful, and the printing of product trademark, model and specification is clear and beautiful. There should be no deformation, paint peeling and uneven color.
2. LED outdoor lights or landscape lights usually use aluminum as the radiator. The larger the contact area between the radiator and the air, the better, which is conducive to heat dissipation, stable operation of the whole lamp, small light attenuation and long service life; the bulb and ceiling spotlight should not have too large air holes, so as to avoid mosquitoes crawling in the process of use, affecting the lighting effect or causing unnecessary damage.
3. If the LED street lamp, led wall washing lamp, underwater lamp, buried lamp, tile lamp, point light source, fountain lamp, line lamp, projection lamp, etc. are illuminated on the white wall, there should be no obvious color temperature error such as color spot and color circle. If there is such phenomenon, it indicates that the light source of lamp bead is inferior.
4. When the LED light is turned on, there is a time difference of 0.0 seconds to 2 seconds between the power on and the light emitting, which is a normal phenomenon. Usually, the lamp is driven by constant current with IC integrated circuit, which has good stability and stability.
5. Pay attention to the light and color of LED. High quality LED lamps and lanterns must be the same light color, there will be no yellow light or other light color. If you don’t know how to distinguish, you can teach you a small method. You can get the answer you want only by lighting these lights and observing their light color changes. Due to the high brightness of LED lamps, it is difficult to judge the brightness of two brands of lamps of the same type under the same conditions by using the method of direct vision, and it is also easy to damage the eyesight. Generally, we suggest to cover the light source with a piece of white paper, and then compare it after the attenuation of light by white paper. In this way, it is easier to see the difference of light brightness. The higher the brightness, the better.
6. There is a popular way to judge the quality of LED lights by using camera on the screen of mobile phones. It is not accurate to judge the quality of LED lights. It is certainly not good if there are stripes rolling and flashing, and it is not necessarily good if there is no stripe rolling flicker. Because our different mobile phone screens and camera heads, their scanning refresh rate is different. For those low-end resistive capacitance voltage-lowering drive products They are also different in sensitivity.