Problems in selecting blue LED line lamp

LED line lamp is not only widely used in real estate, but also more and more bridge lighting projects in recent years. Today, we focus on the problems that need attention in the application of blue LED line lights.

led linear light
LED line lamp
Why mention the application of “blue light” instead of other light colors? First of all, let’s first understand the light source in LED lighting lamps, and the color temperature measurement unit of powder lamp beads is expressed in “K” (Kelvin). The luminance unit is expressed in LM lumen (luminous flux unit);
Bridge line lamp
The red, green and blue bead colors, as the three primary colors, are represented by wavelength, and the brightness is expressed by MCD (spatial density of luminous flux). In some past project negotiations, Guangchen Zhike often found that users did not know that Blu Ray’s MCD was one of the colors with lower brightness. Therefore, in the application of some projects, Blu ray should pay attention to the following two points:
1、 Power selection: relative to other colors of LED line lights, the same power of blue line lights than other colors of line lights brightness is relatively low. For example: the number of commonly used light sources of LED line lamp is 48, and the color temperature is 2000K (golden light), which is enough to be applied on the building surface to achieve the desired effect of users. If we choose blue line lamp, we need to measure whether we need to increase the number of light sources according to the environment around the application scene.
2、 Product selection: due to the low MCD of blue light, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of product materials with relatively high transmittance and light diffusion in structure when selecting LED line lamps.