Can led wall washing lamp withstand the wind, sun and rain

Led wall washing lamp has been widely used in various places, such as large-scale building wall lighting, municipal building lighting, ancient building wall lighting, entertainment places and so on; the scope involved is more and more extensive, from indoor to outdoor, from local lighting to overall lighting. More and more widely used. The reason why it can be used in outdoor application scenarios for a long time is that it will not waste too much electricity, which will not cause any waste for limited resources, but also bring energy conservation and environmental protection and reduce power consumption in the actual application process, which has a good role in promoting the economic development of urban nightscape, can reasonably avoid the waste of various resources, and can also bring good installation The function of decoration effect. It is more cost-effective.

Led wall washing lamp has a long service life. Its light source adopts imported OSRAM lamp beads, and the light source life reaches 30000 hours. And in the actual application process can achieve better stability, functionality and quality will not be affected by the outdoor environment and damage, so the application effect is more perfect, do not need too complex maintenance or maintenance, can achieve a longer use effect, the whole use process is particularly stable, the failure rate is low, the use process has advantages To better play.
There is a very important reason why a large number of LED wall washing lamps will be used in outdoor lighting. It is because for such lamps, in the process of use, the lamps themselves can effectively withstand the harsh weather of wind, sun, sun and rain, so it is not easy to have various failures due to weather conditions when using them. In the harsh outdoor environment, only this kind of lamp can be competent for lighting work. Of course, there is a more important aspect, that is, its corrosion resistance is very prominent, even if it is eroded by rain, it is not easy to appear corrosion. This is due to its high-quality aluminum profiles. Its production process is from melting casting to extrusion forming, and oxidation treatment is carried out. In this production process, hot and cold processes are used, which has strong corrosion resistance. So installed in the outdoor LED wall lamp can withstand wind and rain!
There are many models and styles of LED wall washing lamp, but different power determines its projection distance. Generally, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters. But the power is not fixed. The power can be flexibly changed according to the requirements. We always allocate the appropriate w number of wall washing lamps to the customers according to the lighting effect required by the customer projects! Let it in the final installation after the best effect!