What is the price of LED point light source

The price of LED point light source is also very chaotic, high, low and various. All choose what kind of price, it depends on their own project situation!
If your color screen or lighting project is a relatively high-end project, you must choose high-end LED point light source, and the price is naturally more expensive. Because the materials are there, cheap and poor materials can’t be made into commercial products.

led digital pixel point light source (1)
If the requirements of the project are relatively low, you can only choose the low-end point light source, and the medium and high-end light source can not be used. After all, the price is there, of course, the quality of the point light source will be relatively poor. If you pay for the goods, the customers will not ask too much.
Of course, if your project is high-end, and you want to use cost-effective point light source, then choose  lighting LED series is right! Because the concept of  LED is to do the most cost-effective products, quality and service pursuit of the whole industry first, and reasonable price selection.
Because we are in word-of-mouth communication, advertising costs are smaller, marketing costs are lower, so non product costs can be controlled. In addition, we only pursue reasonable profits, so our price is more people-friendly, and the quality and service are the best, so the cost performance ratio is the highest in the industry!