What are the reasons for the popularity of LED point light sources

LED point light source is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection decorative light source, which can reduce energy consumption and cut greenhouse gases and other pollutants in the atmosphere, and is one of the most environmentally friendly light sources. So what are the advantages of LED point light source? The following is a variety of LED point light companies to share the experience.led pixel module point light (4)
What are the reasons for the popularity of LED point light sources
1、 The brightness is adjustable
The brightness or luminous flux of LED point light source changes with the current. And its working current has excellent adjustability in the rated range, which lays a foundation for LED point light source to complete on-demand illumination brightness control. The optical characteristics of LED point light source include light attenuation, power loss, luminous efficiency, uniformity and optical dispersion characteristics. Generally, the peak wavelength and half brightness are selected to describe the spectral dispersion of spectral characteristics.
2、 No flicker, ultraviolet
The characteristics of DC power supply determine that the LED point light source is stable and non flickering. Its spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible region, and there is no interference of ultraviolet or infrared radiation. It can prevent the bad influence of stroboscopic effect and alleviate the fatigue of human eyes. It is precisely because the LED point light source has the incomparable advantages compared with the traditional light source, so LED light source has become the main point and direction of lighting work in various countries.
3、 Good shock resistance and shock resistance
The basic structure of LED point light source is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material, which can avoid the complex steps such as pumping vacuum into the lamp tube or flushing into specific gas. Compared with incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp, LED point light source brings convenience in production, transportation and application. With the development of LED point light source research and development, the luminous power of LED point light source has made a great leap, and its luminous power still has the potential of improvement. Therefore, it has significant advantages in indoor decoration lighting and scene lighting.
Through the above introduction, we believe that we should have a certain understanding of LED point light source. LED point light source has laid the foundation for China’s sustainable development concept. Even if the frequency switch of LED light source does not affect its service life, the advantages of LED light source are attributed to its advantages of small light attenuation and long service life.