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Six Common Faults and Handling Methods of LED Transparent Screen

led transparent led

The use of LED transparent screens is becoming increasingly widespread, and once you leave your home, you can often see them. It is gradually becoming a new platform for major outdoor media. When LED display screens add color to people’s lives, it is inevitable that some malfunctions will occur after using LED transparent screens for […]

What is the price of LED point light source

20mm round ball decoration lighting led digital pixel point light source (5)

The price of LED point light source is also very chaotic, high, low and various. All choose what kind of price, it depends on their own project situation! If your color screen or lighting project is a relatively high-end project, you must choose high-end LED point light source, and the price is naturally more expensive. […]

Do you know the many benefits of a led washer light lamp?

dmx led linear light (1)

Led wall washing lamp, as the name implies, let the light wash through the wall like water, mainly used for building decoration lighting, and also used to outline the outline of large buildings. Since LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, rich color and long service life, the wall washing lamps of […]

The position of LED plant lamp in future market

Due to its remarkable characteristics, LED is very suitable for plant cultivation in controllable facility environment, such as plant tissue culture, facility horticulture and factory seedling cultivation, and aerospace ecological health and conservation system. As the fourth generation of new lighting source, LED has many characteristics different from other electric light sources, which also makes […]