Six Common Faults and Handling Methods of LED Transparent Screen

The use of LED transparent screens is becoming increasingly widespread, and once you leave your home, you can often see them. It is gradually becoming a new platform for major outdoor media. When LED display screens add color to people’s lives, it is inevitable that some malfunctions will occur after using LED transparent screens for a period of time. It is necessary and urgent for maintenance personnel to master the handling methods for some emergency faults. The following six common fault analysis and handling methods for LED transparent screens are shared with everyone:

led transparent led
1、 LED transparent screen not working, sending card green light not flashing
1. Fault cause: Incorrect DVI or HDMI cable connection; The copy or expansion mode in the display card control panel is not set; Software selection to turn off the power supply of the large screen; The sending card is not inserted properly or has problems;
2. Troubleshooting method: Check the DVI cable connector; Reset replication mode; Software selection to turn on the large screen power; Reinsert or replace the sending card;
2、 Transparency not working, sending card green light flashing
1. Fault reason: The screen has no power supply; Poor network cable connection; The receiving card has no power supply or the power voltage is too low; The sending card is broken; Connection or failure of signal transmission intermediate equipment (such as functional cards, fiber optic transceiver boxes);
2. Troubleshooting method: Check and confirm that the screen power supply is normal; Check the reconnected network cables; Ensure that the DC output of the power supply is 5-5.2V; Replace the sending card; Check the connection or replace the functional card (fiber optic transceiver box);
LED transparent screen
3、 Box not displayed
1. Fault cause: Poor connection of the 220V power cord; There is a problem with the network cable transmission; The receiving card is damaged; HUB board insertion misalignment;
2. Troubleshooting method: Check the power cord; Confirm the replacement of the network cable; Replace the receiving card; Reinsert HUB;
4、 Transparent screens have low brightness and display blurry images.
1. Reason for failure: Card sending program error; Incorrect feature card settings
2. Troubleshooting method: Restore the default settings of the sending card and save it; Set the minimum brightness value monitored by the display screen to above 80;
LED transparent screen
5、 Shaking or ghosting of the entire screen image
1. Fault cause: Check the communication line between the computer and the large screen; Check the DVI lines of the multimedia card and sending card; The sending card is broken
2. Troubleshooting method: Reinsert or replace the communication line; Punched DVI cable reinforcement; Replace the sending card.
6、 LED transparent screen flower screen
1. Fault cause: The screen failure is due to a faulty unit circuit board, which may be caused by chip soldering. One or a small piece of the screen does not light up, the chip is burned out, the second half is not lit up, the lamp beads are burned out, and one column remains lit or not lit up.
The above are some common troubleshooting methods. If you still cannot eliminate the fault of the LED large screen, it is best to find a professional maintenance company.