What is the price of led point lighting products?

Point light source belongs to an LED category. According to different product specifications, sizes, luminous colors and control methods, the price ranges from a few cents to tens of yuan; Therefore, it’s best to have a preliminary understanding before consulting the product price, so as to select products that better meet the demand.

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What are the point lights?
1. In terms of specifications: there are 2cm 3cm 4cm 5cm. Basically from 2cm to 20cm. In recent years, from the perspective of industrial application, 2 ~ 5cm low-power point light source is a relatively mainstream product, which is more and more widely used;
2. In terms of appearance: there are round, square, diamond and other special shapes. Of course, round is the most classic and universal style;
3. In terms of material: PC shell, car aluminum base, lens, flat upper cover, spherical upper cover, transparent shell, translucent shell, etc;
4. In terms of control mode, DMX512  and spi are relatively mainstream.
Why is the price of point light different?
combines its own advantages with point light products to explain the price issues that customers and friends are most concerned about; First of all, we should be clear: the market demand is diverse. No product can meet the requirements of all customers. The diversity of the market will inevitably produce products with different positioning and grades to meet the requirements of different customers.
With the popularity of LED, its application scope has become more extensive. Large projects such as Hangzhou G20 summit and Shenzhen 40th anniversary light show invest hundreds of millions and billions of key projects to use point light source for multi building linkage; For small applications, some point light sources may be installed on the shop signs downstairs or even on the spicy hot trolleys on the street for lighting; Obviously, the point light sources used in these two fields are very different. They will certainly not be products of the same grade and price.

Some engineers say that we also use more expensive ones, and indeed there are better ones. For example, an aluminum base is added on the shell to assist heat dissipation, and some imported special materials are used in the material. Objectively speaking, unlike the previous grades, there is a significant gap and significant improvement in the quality of these products. These belong to other needs, which are not included in the scope of our discussion today.