Why can led point light source replace guardrail lamp tube?

Building outline lighting is one of the main types of outdoor lighting engineering. All shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels, KTV and other commercial places need to do necessary lighting decoration. Now, LED point light source has replaced LED guardrail tube products, so why can led point light source replace guardrail lamp tube? Next, please introduce the ozppton LED point light source manufacturers.

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Why can led point light source replace guardrail lamp tube?
1. More beautiful
Due to the bulky shape of LED guardrail lamp tube, the exterior wall decoration is affected during the day, and the sections are not seamless, so it is not suitable to use in high-grade places. However, when installing LED point light source lamps, the lamp slot with the same color as the wall can be selected, and the lines can be hidden inside, so the image of the building in the daytime will not be affected at all, and the neat effect is very large The spirit is of high quality.
2. The picture is clear
Now the staircase lighting is not only to install a group of lamps, but also to change a variety of shapes by controlling the light on and off. The traditional LED guardrail lamp tube luminous effect is not perfect, and the decorative picture is not clear. However, the LED point light source has high brightness and strong yellow resistance, so it is not easy to change yellow after many years of use, which will not affect the luminous brightness, so the picture is clearer and can be used as LED pixel Screen.
3. Good waterproof effect
LED guardrail tube process is simple, there is no potting treatment inside, the waterproof effect is poor, so the probability of later problems is relatively large, many large projects do not use this product now. The LED point light source after secondary packaging treatment, the waterproof level can reach a very high level, so it can be used in the water. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry about the adverse effects caused by rain and snow weather when it is installed outdoors.
The reason why LED point light source can replace LED guardrail lamp tube and become the most commonly used lighting product in staircase lighting engineering is that led point light source has more advantages than LED guardrail lamp tube, the decoration effect will be better than LED guardrail lamp tube, and the performance in the clarity of the picture and waterproof performance will also be better, so it has been widely used now.