LED pixel light informatio

LED pixel lamp is a kind of intelligent lamp which can replace the display screen of certain specifications.
The product adopts multi-level connection combination of professional waterproof joint, which can form various shapes of point, line and surface to display text patterns. In practical engineering, it can form regular shapes such as rectangle, square, bar, etc., as well as spherical and triangular shapes to display animation. The use of imported silicone sealing waterproof, product performance and service life more secure, more meet outdoor installation. This product is small in size, light in weight and low in power consumption. It is widely used in advertising decoration lighting engineering, square landscape engineering, municipal lighting engineering, etc.

addressable dmx512 rgb waterproof module led pixel point source light (2)
Brand new structural design, can be installed with steel wire suspension.
It is used for lighting display engineering of various straight line or curve outline and special-shaped building surface.
Protection grade: IP67
Lamp body material: ABS base, transparent sanding PC cover
Signal cascading capacity: up to 1024
Light output gray level: 4096 (12bit) (must be supported by the controller)
Data refresh frequency: 60hz-100hz (supported by controller)
Luminous angle: 140 degrees
Luminous flux: Red: 13lm, green: 26lm, blue: 8lm