The difference and application of LED waterproof lamp string and LED pixel point light source

In outdoor lighting lamps, we often encounter two different uses of lamps with the same name. For example, led waterproof light string can be understood as both identification LED light string, LED pixel light and LED decorative light string. What are the similarities and differences among the three? What are their uses?

LED pixel point light source belongs to the outdoor lighting of floor lighting
(1) LED Waterproof light string: also known as LED module, it is commonly used for outdoor light-emitting words and outdoor signs. As the points are connected together, some people call it led waterproof light string.
(2) LED Waterproof string lamp: Waterproof string lamp and waterproof lamp string have subtle changes. In theory, their mode and performance are similar, but their uses are quite different. LED series lights can be used for indoor decoration and outdoor municipal lighting. Small to home decoration, to municipal roads, lighting Festival modeling lighting. Because of the changeable shape, it left a very deep impression on everyone.
(3) LED pixel point light source: also known as LED spot light, led waterproof light string, LED point light source and so on. It is commonly used in building lighting, shop signs, and ancient building outline delineation. It is believed that users who understand the building lighting know that LED pixel light source is the most widely used outdoor screen.
Do you know the differences and uses of three kinds of LED lamp strings made in series? Outdoor lighting engineering lamps are not the best, only the most suitable is the king.