How to distinguish the quality of LED point light source

LED lighting manufacturers, to briefly introduce the method of identifying the quality of LED light source. Because, in many cases, LED point light source is used outdoors and the environment is bad, so it is necessary to use high-quality light source settings. Therefore, it is necessary to know which brand LED point light source is purchased from.

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1. What is the electrostatic resistance?
In the manufacturing process, manufacturers can improve the electrostatic resistance of LED point light source. Therefore, the stronger the electrostatic resistance of LED, the better the quality of light source. The method of purchasing electrostatic resistance can be detected by professional equipment.
2. Observe whether the light source leaks power
If the LED point light source has leakage current, the LED life will be shortened. Therefore, it is necessary to test the leakage current when identifying whether the quality of LED point light source is reliable. When the transistor meter is used to realize the constant current mode, it can input high voltage to all chips, but when one voltage is low, it can be judged that there is leakage from a chip.
3. See if the safety is evaluated.
The adhesive of LED point light source is usually epoxy resin. However, in order to improve the safety, refractory materials are added for anti ultraviolet treatment. The fire resistance and anti ultraviolet measures of high-quality LED point light source are excellent. In the identification of quality, it depends on the material and additives of the tape. Second, whether the electrical design conforms to the national safety regulations.