What are the installation methods of LED line lamp introduced by LED line lamp manufacturer

Now many streets in the city will use LED line lamp, because this kind of lamp not only has a very beautiful appearance, can meet people’s decoration requirements, but also has the characteristics of very durable and practical, but the line type design is very easy to bend and shape, and so on. We need to master its specific installation method to play its role. Specifically, LED line lamp manufacturers believe that led line lamps should include the following aspects according to the method.24v 15w waterproof outdoor dmx linear lighting rgb led tube light (4)
What are the installation methods of LED line lamp introduced by LED line lamp manufacturer?
1、 Indoor installation method
If you want to use LED line lamp to complete the interior decoration, it is relatively simple. Guangdong LED line lamp manufacturers introduce that because they will not be exposed to the wind and rain, they do not need to take specific measures. Therefore, as long as the use of highly informative double-sided adhesive tape can complete the installation, as long as according to their own design of the line to paste, with a hand can be completed 。 And LED line lamp manufacturers emphasize that in general, LED line lamp is a circuit structure composed of three lamp beads in series and parallel connection, so each such combination can be used separately, and the required length can be cut by oneself, which is very convenient to use.
2、 Outdoor installation method
Due to the outdoor need to consider the impact of the weather environment, LED line lamp manufacturers remind that it is necessary to do a good job in waterproof and fixed measures to avoid falling off and other phenomena. Therefore, it is not allowed to use 3M glue directly, because the viscosity will drop after being soaked in water. Therefore, the installation should be carried out in the way of clamping slot fixation. At the same time, waterproof glue is added to strengthen the waterproof effect of connection points, which can play a more solid role. LED line lamp manufacturers stressed that the final should also be fixed with a fixed clip, at the same time, you can use an electric hammer to drill holes, and then add other small parts to further strengthen it.
3、 Wiring method
Under normal circumstances, the applicable voltage of LED line lamp products is divided into several types. LED line lamp manufacturers emphasize that in order to be able to use normally, it is necessary to select the appropriate power supply for power supply, and the size of power supply should also be determined according to the connection length and power of the light bar, and it should be noted that the voltage should not be contacted, otherwise the lamp bead will be necrotic. There are some colorful LED line lights need to use the controller to achieve the changing effect, and LED line lamp manufacturers remind that we should use different color lines to distinguish, and pay attention to the difference between positive and negative poles.
The above is the LED line lamp manufacturers introduced the LED line lamp installation method, including several aspects, in addition, there are also connection distance should pay attention to methods and skills. LED line lamp manufacturers introduced that in general, different series of LED line lamps have different specifications on the connection distance, which should be clarified in advance and should not exceed this range during installation.