LED line lamp manufacturers introduce the skill of distinguishing the quality of line lamp

Now a variety of LED line lamp products are sold on the market. If you just look at the advertisements, there is no way to really distinguish the quality of the products. LED line lamp manufacturers emphasize that they must know some identification methods so as to be able to find products with good quality and low price, and pay attention to the fact that even the products with higher price and better brand name should also be checked in many ways. Specifically, the skills to distinguish the quality of line lamp include the following aspects.15w dc24v digital led rgb tube (1)
LED line lamp manufacturers introduce the skill of distinguishing the quality of line lamp
1、 Look at the glue
Moisture proof glue must be used during installation. LED line lamp manufacturers emphasize that the products installed outdoors have very high requirements for glue, because they have to accept the wind, sun and rain. If the quality of glue is not up to standard, it will soon lead to falling off or water leakage, i.e. yellowing. Therefore, under normal circumstances, LED line lamp manufacturers suggest that waterproof PU glue should be used. Therefore, relevant comparison can be made to see whether the performance of glue can pass the standard.
2、 Look at aluminum
Aluminum materials are used to make LED line lamp products. Therefore, LED line lamp manufacturers emphasize that they should pay special attention to the material and thickness of financial management. In general, it is not good to be too thin or too thick. It is necessary to find a product with moderate thickness. If it is too thin, it is easy to deform, and if it is too thick, it is not conducive to heat dissipation, and even may result in it And burn out the parts. At the same time, LED line lamp manufacturers remind to take into account the cost-effectiveness of the question, in the material quality and technology, but also the price should be measured comprehensively, so as to be able to find the best quality products.
3、 Look at lamp bead components
In the LED line lamp industry, there are only a few packaging manufacturers that can guarantee the quality of relevant components and components. Basically, they are several brands recognized by the market. Therefore, LED line lamp manufacturers remind that in order to ensure product quality, they should choose manufacturers with good brands as much as possible. Because some of the prices on the market are very low, but if you want to achieve good quality, it is impossible to have such a cheap price, and it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. Therefore, if you want to keep the performance stable in the future without any mistakes, the manufacturers of LED line lamps suggest that they can choose some better domestic brands, which have a long history and mature development The products produced by the manufacturer are relatively guaranteed.
The above is the LED line lamp manufacturers to identify the quality of the line lamp skills, including several aspects, but also to see the selection of circuit board and waterproof plug. Generally speaking, many people will choose to use aluminum substrate as circuit board, but in fact, Guangdong LED line lamp manufacturers found that fiberglass board also has its advantages, so we can’t choose from this variety, but we should see its performance to identify the quality.