Three points for attention in installation of LED point light source

At present, the use of LED point light source has become the choice of most people, but after purchasing the product, it still needs to go through an installation step, which is also very critical, because in addition to the quality of the product itself, whether the installation is in place will also affect the future use status, so it is best to ask professional personnel to carry out this work. Specifically, the installation of LED point light source needs We should pay attention to the following three aspects.
Three points for attention in installation of LED point light sourcesmart colorful factory amusement rgbw square 5w led pixel module point light (1)
1、 Pay attention to the correct connection of the power cord
The power line should be connected according to the instructions or drawings, and the power supply should be consistent with the working power supply of the LED point light source, and the good connection between the lamp and the controller should be ensured. If the connection of many LED point light sources exceeds the original load of the wire, the power line should be thickened or re connected to another power line to ensure the stability of the use.
2、 Pay attention to the reasonable installation method
In order to be more convenient for maintenance in the later stage, it is necessary to adopt the appropriate installation mode of LED point light source, and reasonably arrange the controller and electrical position. At the same time, although the LED point light source is used at night, it should also be considered that the installation can not affect the daytime display effect, and ensure that the product can be well fixed in the corresponding position during the installation.
3、 Pay attention to the inspection
After all the wiring is connected, the LED point light manufacturer reminds us to do a comprehensive inspection to ensure the normal and safe use of the whole system. So check the details one by one, in case any problems can be solved in time. LED point light wholesale manufacturers introduced, such as the part of the wiring connector should avoid touching the wire, and use waterproof tape to separate the insulation role, but also to check whether the information line is connected in reverse, and so on.