The reason why LED high power wall washing lamp chooses low voltage current

In practical application, led high-power wall washing lamp in many applications, using low-voltage current, then, do you know the reason for choosing low-voltage current? Today, by the ten-year lighting manufacturer for you to tell.

1. The lamps and lanterns mostly adopt DC12V, 24V and 36V, which are all within the scope of human body’s bearing, so as to prevent the electric shock and casualty of human body in case of electric leakage.
2. Using low voltage direct current can increase lamp life.
3. DC voltage eliminates the flicker of LED lamps.
4. The lamp volume can be minimized without complicated circuit volume.
5. In addition, the temperature rise test of high-power wall washing lamp is a necessary item for product safety, and there are certain temperature rise limits for different components. In the production process of LED wall washing lamp, the manufacturer of wall washing lamp attaches great importance to the heat dissipation problem of the product, because some parts and components work in high temperature environment for a long time, which may cause fire or electric shock hazard. The power module inside the lamp is in a small enclosed space, so the heat dissipation is limited. Therefore, when choosing components, the manufacturer of wall washing lamp needs to pay attention to the specification and leave a certain amount of heat dissipation space to avoid long-term overload work.
Led high-power wall washing lamp is a common lighting engineering lamp. Compared with the projection lamp, it has the advantages of convenience and linear illumination, which can successfully attract customers’ attention. However, due to the large volume of high-power wall washing lamp, a high-quality LED driver is particularly important, which can stabilize the constant current of lamps.