How to connect DMX512 led line lamp?

The general voltage of DMX512 line lamp is DC24 V, so it is necessary to select a suitable switching power supply. The size of power supply depends on the power and connection length of LED line lamp. It should be noted that do not connect DC24 V to AC220 V, otherwise all lamp beads will be burnt out.

DMX512 line lamp has two wiring modes:
One is to use four core wires, using four wires to distinguish black, red, green and blue. Among them, the brown red wire of the four core wire is connected to the positive pole of the power output, and the blue wire is connected to the negative pole of the power supply. The green line is connected with the signal of the controller, referred to as the signal line, and the black line is connected with the GND, commonly known as the ground wire.
The other is three core wire, using three wires to distinguish brown, red, blue, yellow. Among the three core wires, the brown red wire is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, the blue wire is the negative pole, and the connection signal is yellow wire. In addition, it is necessary to take a wire again, one end of which is connected with GND ground wire of controller and the other end is connected with output negative pole of power supply, which is called common negative pole for short.