Line lamp factory teaches you to customize the LED line lamp

Line lamp manufacturers teach you to learn the following six ways to determine the quality of LED line lights, all quality LED line lights can not escape your eye.
Because of its high brightness and low energy consumption, more LED line lights should be decorated in buildings and the lighting of advertising signs. But what aspects should be considered when customizing LED line lights?

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1. Look at the solder joints. The LED strip produced by regular LED line lamp manufacturers is produced by SMT SMT process, solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joint on the LED light bar is relatively smooth, and the amount of solder is not much, and the solder joint extends from the FPC pad to the LED electrode in an arc shape. However, the solder amount of the solder joint of the Shanzhai LED light bar is not uniform, and most of the solder joints are covered by a dot, and there are different degrees of tin tips, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding.
2. Look at the FPC quality. FPC is divided into copper coating and calendered copper. The copper foil of copper clad plate is protruding, which can be seen from the connection between pad and FPC. The calendered copper is closely connected with FPC and can be bent at will without pad falling off. If the copper clad plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off, and if the temperature is too high during maintenance, the pad will fall off.
3. Look at the cleanliness of the LED light strip surface. If SMT process is used to produce LED light strip, its surface cleanliness is very good, no impurities and stains can be seen. However, if hand welding process is used to produce the Shanzhai version LED light strip, no matter how it is cleaned, there will be residual stains and cleaning traces on the surface of FPC. At the same time, there will be residues of flux and tin slag on the surface of FPC.
4. Look at the packaging. The regular LED light strip will be packaged with anti-static reel, generally 5 meters a roll or 10 meters a roll, and then the outside is sealed with anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bag. The Shanzhai version of the LED light strip will save cost, and use the recycling reel, and then there is no anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bag. If you look at the reel carefully, you can see that there are traces and scratches left when removing the label on the surface.
5. Standard LED light bar manufacturers will attach instructions and specifications to the packing box, and they will also be equipped with LED light bar connector or card holder; however, there are no such accessories in the counterfeit LED light strip packaging box, because some manufacturers can save money after all.