The manufacturer of wall washing lamp guarantees the performance of wall washing lamp

If led wall washing lamp wants to be used in outdoor lighting engineering, how can we ensure and play its good performance continuously? The LED wall washing lamp used in outdoor lighting engineering adopts the power supply mode of resistance capacitance voltage reduction, which affects the life of LED products. When we choose to use, it is better to choose led wall lamp with special switching power supply. Although the cost is high, it also avoids the trouble caused by frequent damage. With high-quality performance and long service life, it has been widely used in many fields, and has made great contributions to the urban lighting engineering, playing a huge role.led city building lighting
Attention should be paid to the anti-static measures of the LED manufacturer in the process of anti-static, such as anti-static, anti-static measures should be taken to avoid the static electricity in the production process of the LED lamp, such as the anti-static measures should be taken by the manufacturer to ensure that the working environment of the anti-static LED lamp is the same as that of the anti-static equipment Health hazards, improve work efficiency. In addition, the antistatic performance of higher grade led wall washing lamp is relatively higher than that of ordinary led wall washing lamp.
Pay attention to the influence of temperature: the rise of temperature will cause the internal resistance of LED light source to become smaller, and the regulated power supply will increase its working current. When the rated current is exceeded, the quality of LED will be affected, and even led lamps will be burned out. Therefore, it is better to choose constant current power supply in the process of use to prevent LED lamps from being affected by temperature.
Outdoor lighting project should also pay attention to the waterproof problem: whether it is led wall lamp or LED projection lamp, as long as it is used outdoors, it should pay attention to the treatment of water-proof problem, and deal with sealing and moisture-proof. If the waterproof problem is not paid attention to, it will have a more serious impact on the use of LED lamps and lanterns.
The above problems are the problems that can not be ignored in the production and use of LED wall lamp. We should pay attention to the above problems, which will ensure the use of LED wall washing lamp better.