LED engineering line lamp manufacturers price is not the same

Many customers who do lighting engineering will encounter this kind of thing. When they buy the LED engineering line lamp to do the project lighting, some customers do well, but some of them do not install it for a long time, there are various problems. The same is selling LED engineering line lamp manufacturers, why the gap is so big?

This is because some customers attach importance to the effect of project quality, and buy LED engineering line lamp for project lighting. However, some new customers do not understand and want to save cost, so they choose the LED project line lamp of wholesaler. Because the quality requirements of wholesalers are not high, the materials selected are general and common, which are not suitable for engineering lighting.
Therefore, the lighting of newly completed projects has appeared. Some customers have good lighting effect of LED engineering line lights, some customers have many problems, and even use high-voltage LED engineering line lights to connect with low-voltage project lighting, resulting in short-circuit of lines and heavy losses.
The same is the difference between manufacturers of LED engineering line lamp? Because the positioning of products is different. Therefore, it is suggested that the customers who do engineering lighting should make positioning and preparation for their lighting when choosing lighting lamps such as LED engineering line lamps or other lighting lamps, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.