The difference between LED star lamp and LED point light source

I want to know under what conditions led starlight and LED point light source are selected in lighting engineering, and whether their uses are the same? The two types of lights have similar places and also have differences. The following explains the differences between star light and point light source.outdoor building landscape lighting (3)
Led starlight
It is different from the luminous mode
(1) Led star light has four sides of light, five sides of light mode, users can choose monochrome constant light or seven color internal control, the lighting effect is like a shining star.
(2) There is only one surface of LED point light source, which can be used to make monochrome, colorful internal control, full-color external control and other effects. In addition, the biggest difference between LED point light source and star light is that the external control LED point light source can make the building screen bright and dynamic animation effect.
Led starlight
In terms of use:
Led starlight is often used for decoration in the lighting of buildings. It can be installed in the hollow part of the outline lamp to achieve the effect of making up for the deficiencies, making the finishing point and presenting a vivid picture.
LED point light source can be used to produce the point light source screen of tube screen effect, and also can be used as the lamp to outline the effect, which is called “horse lantern”.
LED point light source
Therefore, in the lighting project, led star lamp and LED point light source have different uses. According to different purposes, users can choose appropriate lighting lamps.