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The difference between LED star lamp and LED point light source

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I want to know under what conditions led starlight and LED point light source are selected in lighting engineering, and whether their uses are the same? The two types of lights have similar places and also have differences. The following explains the differences between star light and point light source. Led starlight It is different […]

What requirements can led point light source meet

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LED point light source can obtain stable development in the market, which is deeply favored by users, and its energy-saving, consumption reducing, stable and durable performance is inseparable. The very hot LED point light source in the market is a good representative product, which can not only meet the diverse needs of users, but also […]

about outdoor lighting with LED point light source

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The LED point light source can replace the intelligent lamps with a certain specification display screen by pixel color mixing. The smaller the point distance is, the higher the pixel density is. The more information capacity can be flashed once per unit area, and the closer the suitable viewing distance is. The larger the distance […]