How to choose high quality LED wall lamp?

As a buyer, how to judge the merits and demerits of LED wall washing lamp? In fact, many articles on the Internet have been popular science, but they are highly professional things. How to distinguish the quality of LED wall washing lamps without professional testing equipment?
You can refer to the following points to judge:led lighting factory
Look at the appearance, observe the workmanship details, beautiful appearance, no acute angle, color is oxidation color, and internal and external oxidation, because the radiator and lamps of LED wall lamp are usually aluminum products. High purity aluminum can be oxidized to produce good oxidation color, which can ensure the selection of pure aluminum LED wall lamp.
Look at the luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns
The fundamental reason why we choose LED lamps and lanterns is to save energy and money. Only LEDs with high luminous efficiency and long life can really play the role of energy saving and money saving. They are all LED lamps. The luminous efficiency of high-efficiency LED lamps is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary LED lamps, that is, the energy-saving effect is more than 50%.
In the absence of detection equipment, we can only use the comparison method, using LED lamps or transmitting lamps with the same actual power to conduct the same contrast test, and the one with high brightness is better. Some LED lamps and lanterns, the actual power is much higher than the measured power, such lamps are not good lamps, this is because the driving efficiency of lamps is low, and remember to buy LED lamps is to buy its luminous efficiency, generally speaking, it is to buy brightness rather than power.
Heat dissipation efficiency judgment method
General users do not have a thermometer on hand, they can only judge by hand feeling. According to the change of seasons, there will be several different temperatures in the test on the same day. Only when the temperature rise of the lamp is almost constant, can the heat dissipation effect of LED lamps be tested. The heat dissipation effect of LED lamps can be judged by the temperature rise of lamps. When two LED lamps with the same heat dissipation structure and power are lighted at the same time, which lamp is The first to reach high temperature, then the lamp heat dissipation is better, that is, the thermal resistance of the light source and radiator is smaller, grasp the above three points can basically select a really good quality LED wall lamp!