LED line lamp can be customized according to the actual size

In outdoor lighting projects, LED line lights are mostly used to outline the building outline, or to make digital screen effect. Its shape can be freely matched, and its practicability is also very strong. Customers often ask whether the size of LED line lamp can be customized according to actual needs? The answer is certainly yes. Next, follow to understand the related knowledge of LED line lamp.

rgbw led wall washer light (1)
LED line lamp, namely led wall washing lamp series aluminum profile lamp body, is compact and lightweight. The end cover and mounting bracket are made of aluminum alloy high pressure die casting high temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing ring to ensure the reliability of waterproof. Lamps can be installed in single or multiple combinations. Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor local or contour lighting.
Can be customized according to the actual size needs, widely used in hotels, hotels, KTV, office buildings, bath centers, apartments, etc. In the actual application of outdoor lighting engineering, LED line lamp and led wall lamp can be used each other, especially in waterproof, especially suitable for outdoor lighting engineering application. LED line lamp is more used in low-power applications, so the related color temperature problem will be more careful.
In addition to highlighting the external contour of the building, LED line lights can also be combined into a building curtain wall, with external control controller, reflecting the dynamic effect. This effect is mostly used in hotels, shopping malls and other places, but also has the role of advertising.
The lighting of LED line lights makes the night scenery of the city more attractive, especially in the scenic park. The pavilions and pavilions standing near the water have the characteristics of the water town and the historical and cultural features. They have more connotation under the background of the lighting. The pavilions, stone bridges, water and lighting are integrated into the beautiful scenery of Qinhuai scenic area.