Influence of waterproof power supply on LED line lamp

In fact, for LED lighting projects, especially the use of LED line lights and led wall lights, we all know how to choose efficient and energy-saving power supply, but there are still many minefields that need to be paid attention to.

A real case in life: in 2014, in baidekangqiao District, Shishi City, the grandson and grandson went out for a walk, playing with water in the landscape pool, and were electrocuted by the leakage of the landscape lamp. On May 9, 2017, Ming Ming, a 10-year-old girl, was playing with several friends in the Yayuan community of Yinhai, Kunming. Mingming went to a landscape pond to catch fish. After a cry, she fell face down in the pond and never got up again. How sad these things are. In fact, we have the ability to avoid tragedies.

Why? According to the accident investigation, this is the tragedy caused by the landscape lighting lamp manufacturer’s power supply, which did not strictly consider the waterproof tightness and leakage protection design. The leakage of LED lighting lamps endangers people’s life safety for minutes. To avoid the leakage of LED lighting lamps, it is necessary to control the quality of LED power supply, so designers and manufacturers need to consider carefully!