Is dmx512rgbw line lamp controlled internally or externally

With more and more outdoor lighting projects, the demand for dmx512rgbw line lamp is increasing day by day. Many customers have difficulties in choosing products. What kind of products should they choose to do their own projects well. Recently, the most frequently asked question is how to distinguish the control mode of dmx512rgbw line lamp. In terms of control mode, it is not particularly clear whether internal control or external control should be selected.
Let’s talk about how to determine the control mode of dmx512rgbw line lamp.
If you want to know whether dmx512rgbw line lamp chooses internal control or outer space, you need to understand these two control modes colorful factory amusement rgbw square 5w led pixel module point light (3)

The way of internal control is to put the set chip of light change program into the lamp body of dmx512rgbw line lamp. Since each lamp body is relatively independent, the lighting effect of dmx512rgbw line lamp is fixed and cannot be changed, but the internal control mode does not need to be connected with an external controller;
The external control is just opposite to the internal control. The external control is to put the chip with the light change program in the external controller, and can change the lighting effect at will. Usually, some large dmx512rgbw line lamp lighting and lighting projects adopt the external control mode.
Although the lighting effect of dmx512rgbw line lamp can be modified at will, it should be noted that if one of the LED line lights fails, the overall effect will be affected. In addition, compared with the internal control, the external control mode of dmx512rgbw line lamp is only low voltage, so from the performance point of view, the external control is generally more stable than the internal control.