Factors affecting the life of LED wall washing lamp: radiator

When installed outdoors, led wall washing lamps often suffer from the harsh environment such as cold and hot alternation, rain and snow erosion, strong wind attack and solar radiation. In the changing temperature, dust, dirt and moisture has been affecting the life of LED wall lamp. It may even cause the lamp shell to bear the alternating external force caused by the change of external temperature and air pressure. If the manufacturer of wall washing lamp is not skilled enough in manufacturing LED wall washing lamp, the product may be deformed, damaged and burst.

What causes the pressure in the LED wall lamp?
In the case of rain or snow, and when the lights are turned off for rest, the temperature inside the LED wall lamp will drop sharply, and the sharp drop in temperature will lead to instantaneous pressure or even greater vacuum inside the lamp shell. At this time, air or moisture will sneak into the lamp body through the seal gap and condense into water droplets. Once the sealed lamp body produces water droplets, it is not easy to be discharged. The water droplets that cannot be discharged for a long time will corrode the electronic components in the lamp body, which will seriously affect the life of LED wall washing lamp.
If you don’t need to consider the failure of the drive and power supply, one performance of the life span of the high-power LED wall washing lamp is “light failure”, which means that the longer it is used, the lower the brightness will be until the life is exhausted.
So we’re back to the original question: can the life span of high-power LED wall washing lamps be predicted? This question can’t be answered simply by “yes” or “no”, but we need to analyze it step by step.
The common white LED lamp bead is the effect made by irradiating yellow phosphor with blue light. The main causes of light failure are analyzed
(1) It’s the decay of the blue light itself.
(2) The decay of phosphor at high temperature. Each brand has a different temperature that affects the light fading.
It is concluded from many temperature tests that the key to prolong the life of high power wall washing lamp is to reduce junction temperature. How to reduce the junction temperature? The key is to have a good radiator. It can send out the heat produced by LED wall lamp in time.