key factors affecting the quality of LED line lamp: circuit board

LED line lamp is a very simple product, the market appearance, structure, function can be said to be various, the price difference is also high and low.

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Circuit board as an important part of LED line lamp, LED line lamp circuit board requirements: 1: LED circuit board, as the carrier of light source, directly affects the lamp life and failure rate. All electronic circuits of LED lighting products are on PCB, and its material and processing technology directly affect the quality and life of products. Circuit board materials are: aluminum substrate, all glass fiber, semi glass fiber, cardboard and so on. The standard materials for LED lighting products should be aluminum substrates and all fiberglass panels, such as semi fiberglass or cardboard panels, which will greatly reduce the welding quality and moisture resistance, aging resistance and electrical properties.
LED line lamp is the leading product of urban lighting engineering, especially at night, it is particularly eye-catching