What will attract you about the technology of LED line lamp?

For different LED line lamp brands, LED line lamp manufacturers In the production of the circuit board is completely different, if the quality of the circuit board is better, then in use, the service life of this line lamp will be longer, so when purchasing the line lamp, we must see whether the line circuit board it uses is some high-quality circuit board, because it will produce important for the use of line lamp influence!18w 24w 36w programable rgb led wall washer outdoor (4)

We all write that 5050 lamp beads are used for aluminum LED line lights. The general customers will ask what brand of chip it is, and they will answer San’an, Jingyuan and Kerui. Few of them have a deeper understanding and judge that they are the same products. In fact, this is a wrong approach. LED line lamp beads, even if the same chip used, also have batch and specification differences. At the same time, different chip packaging manufacturers, technical strength, machinery and equipment, process standards, also make the quality of finished lamp beads different.
Anti vulcanization is one of the important processes, which requires high technology and equipment of chip manufacturers. After the anti curing treatment of the lamp beads, it is more suitable for outdoor LED line lights. Because the potting glue or circuit board of LED line lamp will have sulfur or other element composition more or less. In addition, there are a lot of corrosive components in the outdoor environment, which has a great impact on the line lamp beads.
Generally speaking, the cover of LED line lamp can be evaluated according to its structure. Take Guangchen’s 30 * 45 glass inserted LED line lamp as an example. Since it can be inserted with glass, it can also be replaced with milk white acrylic cover with similar thickness. So, can all LED line lights be replaced in this way? No, it needs to be judged according to its structure.
In addition, due to the addition of a white light-emitting basic color, the lighting effect of rgbwled line lamp is more dazzling than that of general rgbled line lamp. Most LED line lamps produced by Guangchen lighting LED line lamp manufacturers are mainly installed with hidden lines. Combined with the self-improvement product process, the lamps are very suitable for buildings after various tests, such as installation mode, lighting mode and luminous efficiency Body bridge and other lighting engineering use.

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