Installation Method and Application Environment of LED Transparent Screen

With the rapid development of LED display screen technology, transparent LED displays have gained market popularity due to their advantages such as lightness, transparency, and easy installation. Their application fields are becoming increasingly widespread. The price of ordinary display screens gradually decreases, but in the LED transparent screen market, the price continues to rise, usually ranging from 5000 to 8000 yuan/square meter.

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Transparent LED display screen is a display product that is well matched with glass curtain wall display. It is mainly used in commercial complexes, large shopping malls, glass display windows, glass curtain walls, and so on. Even if transparent LED display screens are combined with glass curtain wall buildings, they have a sense of fashion, color diversity, modernization, and technology, making people feel the visual effect. As one of the high-end display products, transparent display screens are segmented into many fields based on product, technology, components, size requirements, etc. This can help many grow and mature to enhance the company’s brand image.

Installing a transparent LED display screen in high-end venues not only achieves the transparency of the glass but also ensures that the internal design of the glass is not affected, while also ensuring the transparency of the glass curtain wall. Whether viewed indoors or outdoors, the products inside can be seen, and the installation of such high-end atmospheric products with technological atmosphere is also different.
1. Hoisting type: mainly used for indoor long strip screens and frame structure screens, which can be lifted. This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as a crossbeam above the beam. Standard lifting components can be used for indoor concrete roofs, and the length of the lifting components depends on the on-site situation. The indoor beams are lifted with steel wire ropes, and the outer jacket is decorated with steel pipes in the same color as the bottle body.

2. Suspension type: The indoor wall requires a solid or suspended concrete beam. Outdoor, outdoor mounting mainly relies on steel structures, with no restrictions on the area and weight of the display screen. If the display screen has a small area that can form a single box, it can be used to open holes in the box and fixed with expansion screws. Pay attention to waterproofing at the opening.
3. Window display: Mainly used for display windows, its characteristic is high transparency, which is based on not affecting indoor lighting. It adopts standard floor installation, saves costs, and is designed with high efficiency and energy conservation.