How to make a transparent display screen quotation, and what are the price factors?

As a rising star in the LED display screen industry, transparent displays have entered the field of vision with their transparency advantage. P2.8 P3.91 P7.81 LED display screens are now widely used in the entire advertising industry, with screens appearing in various places.
Transparent display screens are not only light, thin, and easy to install, but can also achieve a minimum 5mm pixel spacing and a transparency of over 80%. It can be directly fixed to the glass curtain wall without the need for a steel frame structure, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs. Because the display background is transparent, it can make the advertising image feel suspended on the glass curtain wall, which actually has a good advertising effect and artistic effect.

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What are the factors in the quotation for transparent displays
1. Don’t just look at the quotation when purchasing a transparent display screen
Due to factors such as price, transparent display screens are often an important factor in sales. Therefore, everyone knows the principle of “one penny, one penny, one penny”. Many choices are biased towards low prices before, and product quality is often overlooked when there is a huge price difference. In actual use, the probability of poor contact, dead lights, and short circuits greatly increases. This person will constantly receive feedback from customers regarding after-sales issues, It is very time-consuming.
2. The same model may not necessarily be the same product
In the sales process, transparent display screen quotations may come across customers who say that the same model of display screen is much more expensive than other companies. These are all quoted to customers based on the company’s market channel prices, and these are formal quotations. This reflects that the quality and materials of the product are reliable. If the quotation is low, the possibility of inferior materials in the product you are using is relatively high, The use of unknown lamp bead brands leads to color deviation and dead lights, and greatly reduces the service life. The use of unknown power sources results in low power efficiency, severe heat generation, and other issues, which are all within the scope of consideration.
3. The higher the technical specification parameter value, the better
Many customers will compare the prices and technical parameters of several LED transparent screens, and they will be the winner or loser in terms of technical parameters, because they believe that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the display screen. For example, if the customer’s brightness is too high, it will be dazzling and affect the viewing. In terms of service life, it is easy to overdraw the service life of the transparent screen if the brightness is too high. So reasonable brightness is the correct solution, not the higher the brightness, the better. And the price of highlighted models is generally much higher. We must choose a reasonable product based on the actual usage environment and purpose.
4. The production and testing of transparent displays should not be short
Many customers who purchase LED transparent screens must receive the goods as soon as they place an order, which is actually wrong. However, transparent screens require at least 48 hours of aging and lighting testing after production is completed to troubleshoot color deviation and dead light issues and ensure that the issues are resolved before shipment.